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NEW! - Livestream

2011-03-24 05:46:24 by Endeavour

Yesterday I had a nice talk with xKore when he was using livestream to let us watch when he was producing music. go to his channel when you want to take a peek :

Because of xKore I gained the "livestream" knowledge haha.
So I decided to give it a try too.
When you join the stream i might not be producing but gaming instead lol.
In that case you either have to wait or just spam me to death =P

here's the link :

NEW! - Livestream

First collab coming soon !

2011-02-22 18:52:10 by Endeavour

I'm happy to announce that i am currently busy with my very first collab.
We live quite close to eachother so the collab is expected to go very smoothly.

It currently has no name yet.
However, we can say that it is going to be progressive.
We might use this track to show our skillz to a record label

Stay tuned, song coming in !

BassHunter [WiP]

2009-08-21 11:47:31 by Endeavour

Hi there =D.

I just launched a demo of my upcoming BassHunter Remix.
I am not entirely sure about the percussion in it.
Neither am i sure about how to announce the 4/4 kick.

Could you guys help me a bit ??.
Listen to Endeavour - BassHunter [WiP], and make a review with criticm please.

Thanks =D,

Just wanna say Hiii

2009-07-22 19:20:08 by Endeavour

Hi there guys =D.

I got my signatures made, and my first two songs are up.
Im planning to make another song soon.
It will be a collab between Paperman and me, endeavour.

If you wanna say hi, just comment on this ^^, (however i did say a bit more.. xD)

HI =),