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BassHunter [WiP]

2009-08-21 11:47:31 by Endeavour

Hi there =D.

I just launched a demo of my upcoming BassHunter Remix.
I am not entirely sure about the percussion in it.
Neither am i sure about how to announce the 4/4 kick.

Could you guys help me a bit ??.
Listen to Endeavour - BassHunter [WiP], and make a review with criticm please.

Thanks =D,


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2009-09-05 01:15:52

I've always enjoyed your work. Keep it up! I'll be sure to review it.

- Paperman :P


2009-09-25 01:46:50

bro, where are you? Is it school or does music not interest you anymore?

Endeavour responds:

its mainly fucked up school.
and its my Internal Memory that is fucked up to =P.
I think im going to buy another strip of 1g for my PC.


2009-09-29 19:12:09

Damn that sucks.. Well I guess I'll c ya later then..

P.S. We need to collab >_>