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haha xD

Well, you dont even want to know how often i pressed the play button.
I thought it was a broken button at first until i figured i had to click on the present.

Not gonna "Repay" this =P

Good concept though, keep em coming.

VenturaTV responds:

The repay button actually ment see again I did it on perpose

i lol'd

Its animated pretty cool, but sadly I had to use a magnifier to read it properly

w'the hell ?

omg 0_o that is just disgusting.
I wont rate low cause the animation is not that bad,
and you did quite good on the submission,

But dude, the subject of your submission is quite um,, abstract..
and you should use more colours,
less rainbow, and less poop =P.

Here's a serious question :

are you homo or bisexual in any way ? or is there another reason why you have made something like this =P,

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I had a score of 169, which made me Gullible.
(note that im a 16 year old dutch boy that speaks english 'decently').

Meh but this quiz is one of the better ones on NG.
Lol it made me finish all of the 150 questions for some reason.
Very catchy and addictive !.

5/5 10/10

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Before 00:25 I already laughed really hard.
But when you came at 00:25 I literally fell off my chair laughing.
After crying out laughing on the ground for 20 seconds I got back in my chair, writing this.

(pauses for another laugh XD)

yeh.. XD nice.
This was on the top 5 ? really deserved. =P


lol, D-Chain actually is a real life friend on mine xD
Hi there.

Anyway, in my opinion I do like the bass. But only at the start though.
Later in the song the pads do not fit the bass and vice versa.
You might want to lower the filter of the bass there so that you can only focus on the pads. I love the volume and the power of your percusion, that is something great. Yet another remark is how you filter the pads in.
Its not the good way. You should filter the pads in without the bass somehow.
Cause again, these two just don't fit together.

keep going man ^^,
you are progressing just fine with songs like this.

Absolix responds:

Thanks for the review Endeavour! I'll be sure to review some of your tunes as well :)

I do plan on swapping out the preset sounds (ex: bass/pads) with sounds that I made. Hopefully I can create sounds that dont collide as badly, because I agree, the bass sticks out like a sore thumb XD.

Thanks again

Still love this

4.43 / 5.00 (+ 0.018)
Score Rank: #955
Popularity Rank: #60,945

Back to the high score my friend,
Back to the high rankz ^^

D-Chain responds:

im sorry to dissapoint.
the inspiration i need for this has been lost so..
maybe after a long time ill be submitting stuff like this once again.

My name's Endeavour. I love to make music, so that is what i do here ^^). When i review a Flash Submission, (which is very uncommon for me), I will give some powerfull but righteous criticm =) thats why i have dark aura. Happy listening mates =)

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