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First collab coming soon !

2011-02-22 18:52:10 by Endeavour

I'm happy to announce that i am currently busy with my very first collab.
We live quite close to eachother so the collab is expected to go very smoothly.

It currently has no name yet.
However, we can say that it is going to be progressive.
We might use this track to show our skillz to a record label

Stay tuned, song coming in !


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2011-03-05 15:03:00

Awesome \(^-^)/ Ik zou ook dolgraag een collab willen doen, maar ik doe al een collab met ParagonX9, YouriX en DCMB.


Endeavour responds:

WOW :| Met ParagonX9 ?! DE nummer 1 artist op NG ?